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The skills shall be visible on the start page when entering the knowledge profile. The skills can be added by both the employee and the manager.

Only the user himself can edit his knowledge profile and only admin/managers will be able to see the information. Maybe the user has won an internal competition within the training dairy? This can also be shown here.

– Company knowledge profile
The admin/manager shall be able to access to the company´s knowledge profile. It shall be possible to see all the knowledge within the company. We would like to see all skills stored in the same place, for example: 3 users have “JAVA skills”, 4 users have “Project planning skills” etc. So, the admin/manager can easily get interactive reports considering what skills that´s in the company and if somethings is missing, maybe “SAP skills”.

Admin/manager can also via a specific view (either here or via admin settings) send notifications to employees regarding an upcoming certification/training etc. The recommendation will be highlighted on the specific employee´s start page over the Employee Management when logging into the system so it won´t be missed.

The view will be equal to the personal knowledge profile. But there shall be a “page” where skills can be compared.

By “add new employee” the manager will find a form to fill out considering necessary information about the new employment.  The manager will also fill out a form considering the belongings that the new employee shall receive, e.g computer, keys etc.

The employee shall, when receiving the email, be directed to the PlanFish portal where he enters a new password at first and then he will be transferred to the form where to enter the information needed.

Considering personnel reductions, there shall be a “delete-button” when removing an employee. This can only be done by the manager and when pressing the delete button, there will come up a window that requires the manager to enter the employees name (this as a security so that not the wrong employee is deleted or deleted by mistake). Only the “must-have-data” shall be saved (personal data). The rest will be deleted and the employee shall receive an email notification that this has been done.


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